Pins & Juice is an Amsterdam-based brand started by Armando Horváth and Bram Westland. Pins & Juice is mainly focused on embellishments like pins, patches, stickers and buttons. Established in 2017, Pins & Juice is translating contemporary urban culture into all kinds of items to personalize your clothing and accessories. In 2021 Bram stepped out of Pins & Juice and Armando continued on his own.

We started Pins & Juice out of a DIY sentiment and a passion for individualization of clothing and accessories, mainly through pins. The products we design are an expression of our personal interests, the community we are part of and the subcultures we feel attracted to. Most of our products can be labeled under our two main themes, which comprise ‘Culture’ and ‘Youth’. For ‘Culture’ you can think of products with references to music, food, drinks & drugs, and for ‘Youth’ nostalgia in particular.

Individuality and exclusiveness are two of the pillars of our brand. We want to put this into practice by releasing small quantities (with a maximum of 100 per item, and all of our pins are individually numbered), and by giving the customer, you, room for individual interpretation of our items.

We are always open to suggestions and for collaborations. So feel free to contact us if you have a dope idea. Thanks for your interest in our brand, we would love too see you come roll with us!


Team P&J

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